Family Support

  • We are dedicated to respecting the privacy and dignity of all the families we assist.
  • We give priority to helping families with chronically ill children. These families are frequently under great financial strain when one or both parents are not able to work because of the time required to provide for their child.
  • Patients and families are eligible to receive assistance irrespective of diagnosis, race, religion, or economic status. For example, we have helped kids who have metabolic and skeletal disorders, cancer, and brain injuries causing developmental delays.
  • We give priority to families who are referred to us by a social worker or case worker.

NOTE: We do not interfere in a patient's medical care or the decisions families are required to make. Instead, we help with day-to-day tasks so that families can focus on the medical and emotional needs of patients.

Family Quotes:

"We have appointments in Durham and Chapel Hill coming up next week, and we are worried about the gas and meals and how much it will drain us to be there with both kids. To worry about the gas is crazy, we should be JUST worried with the MRI results."

"When I got the grocery gift card, I cried! Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much!"