About us


NathanCan Foundation is a
501(c)(3) nonprofit charity recognized and authorized by the state of North Carolina and the US IRS.


Our story

Our 3-year-old son Nathan was diagnosed with a brain tumor (metastatic anaplastic medulloblastoma) in June 2006. He fought a brave but ultimately losing battle for one year. We spent about half that time at Duke Hospital and half that time caring for Nathan at home. Because of our experience, our Christian beliefs, and Nathan's generous spirit, we felt led to give back to the community that so graciously gave to us during our time of great need.

Our Work

  • Providing Family Support
  • Providing Medical Research Support
  • In 2008, we provided financial support and services to more than 10 families in North Carolina. Children in these families had diagnoses ranging from cancer to brain injury to metabolic disorders. Assisted with medical supplies, utility and mortgage bills, gas and grocery costs, emotional support, building community networks.

Our Team

President: Leigh Anne Naas 

Treasurer: Jamie Clifton 

Directors: Aaron Naas, Natalie Burgin

Consultant/Advisors: Greg Horne